sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010


It’s almost midnight and I’m still thinking about a word to start this text. In fact, I’m not looking for a word, but for THE word. Now, among Broken Embraces and American Pop music, I guess I finally found it, I have three.

HEART. Batman is a superhero that I have never liked. Never, until one year ago, when I watched the last movie: “The Dark Knight”. Today, it’s such a triviality to say that the movie was good, very good or excellent… Everybody knows it. Some agree, some don’t… But the fact is that everybody, with no exception, understands that the series (a little deteriorated) reached a new level after that movie.

He, the “Dark Knight”, is just one more person in a big world. He doesn’t have special powers, he doesn’t come from a distant galaxy, he is simply a man, an ordinary man. Bruce Wayne is just a person like you and me. As well as everybody, he has his history, and, when we understand it, we realize that Batman could be anyone, because, more than anything, ha has a living HEART.

STRENGH. Batman has strength to fight his own phantoms from the past. He is able to become more than the world asked him to. Destiny doesn’t choose its victims, and he was one of them. But he knows he doesn’t need to listen to destiny: he makes his way through life. I think he understood that being a hero is more than saving people, more than flying in the sky and being good, it’s a question of finding a way to save yourself from the internal monsters. And to do this, it’s necessary to remember that they can’t be beaten, just numbed, and the fight never ends. Batman summarizes the whole human history: we always lose, it doesn’t matter how much we try, we’ll still lose something… That’s why we need STRENGTH!

FEAR. Batman doesn’t fear his classical enemies, in fact, they need him, and he needs them. His fear comes from deeper…

In the movie, I learned that a villain is much more than wickedness; it’s the fear in itself. Fear destroys anything that lets it in. Batman could control his fears, and it makes him superior. He doesn’t fears others, he inspires FEAR.

In the end, I can see good elements in Batman, but they are his ruin. He is human, he isn’t good or bad, he isn’t too powerful or weak, he is just himself: a man, an incomplete man. In the minute he accepts himself as one more in the boat, he loses his magic.

Is he original? Yes, he certainly is. But he is too real too. A hero can’t be like this. A real one needs to exist just in the limits, having problems like ordinary people, but being able to do something more… Feel something more! How is it possible to find fun in someone that is so real…? So close to average... These are his biggest trumps and his worst problems! A paradox.

He is Batman, just Batman. Super powers don’t make a hero, but they help to create it.

I like him, but I can’t feel him as THE HERO, he is just a hero.


domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010


Superman: an unreal dream... So different from everything, but so equal... No one can be like that, because everybody already is...

Clark Kent is a good guy. Too much good to be real. He is the strongest living creature in the world, however, at the same time, he is able to be one of the weakest too…

Does Kryptonite make him weak? Oh no, that’s just a symbolic allusion to his true fear: life. He knows he doesn’t belong to anywhere. He can’t find home because there is no home for him. That’s what makes him more human than any human.

Deep Inside his heart, he knows he’s not different from Lex Luthor; a fanatic for saving people when it becomes clear he can’t save himself. The only difference is his super strength.

Now, a good point of the story: his glasses. That’s a very intelligent metaphor. When Clark takes off his glasses and becomes unrecognizable, he shows his real face. He tries to put all his fault on his enemies, but he can’t see that no one is really guilty: the destiny of everything in the whole universe is in each small grain of sand. We are all responsible for everything.

Villains? Not Lex Luthor, not Brainiac, none super bad guy. Oh, no, the truth is superman’s worst enemy and the glasses are the best mask for him, because when Clark Takes them off, he becomes even blinder.

Conclusion: Superman is a stereotype of the entire human race. He is strong and invulnerable in his appearance, but even the smallest peace of rock can hurt him. Aren’t we all like this?

quinta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2010


Today I woke up thinking about heroes.

Who are my heroes? What is it to be a hero? What does a person need to do to become a hero?

Then, I thought about my childhood, and about the characters I used to consider my heroes. Well, first, I always liked spider-man, I think he’s still my favorite one, but I’m not able to see him as I used to anymore. Maybe he became different, or did I?

I think the answer is clear.

Is it necessary to wear red (or any other nonsense color) and to have super powers? Oh, Now, when I see Peter Parker, I think the only spider-man’s heroic act is to have the strength to accept he killed his uncle. He fights his own demons and he goes after something he can never find: forgiveness. The truth is that there’s no escaping from the past. You can’t live before facing it.

What about the other super heroes? We have Superman, Batman, and Hulk (just to mention the most famous ones. And I apologize if I let many good ones out of the list, but in the end, they are all the same).

Starting tomorrow, I’ll write four little articles about these four super heroes. My intention is to show what lies under their apparent faces. And maybe, after all of this, I can find again a reason to believe the world can be saved by a web among buildings or by a sad man who likes red and blue clothes.

Words to describe super heroes? They don’t exist, both of them. Children are the happiest people in the word because they don’t need words to believe. They just do. I Don’t.

domingo, 3 de outubro de 2010


Today I watched a movie named DONNIE DARKO. Oh, I must confess that I had a big surprise!

I like almost all kinds of movies and I always wait good things from the movies I watch, sometimes they reach my expectations, sometimes not. About this movie, I was expecting something really big.

I had read some reviews about it and they all said it is a good movie, so I was

waiting for a classic, a special movie.

And now you must be thinking: “Oh, he got very disappointed, because he’s taking too much time to talk about the movie….” And do you want to know?

No, I got so HAPPY!

It’s almost a perfect movie for me! It has lots if interesting things to think about.

Before I talk about it, let me tell you what I think it is a good experience in terms of cinema: in my opinion a movie must be interesting not just while it’s being played, but after we go out of the cinema and when the TV is off, and Donnie Darko is one of those

movies that makes me feel strange for days…

Now, while I write this text I’m still intrigued by it.

Well, let’s see its plot: Donnie Darko, the name of the movie, is still the name of the main character, performed by Jake Gillenhaal (a rising actor). Donnie is a strange, intelligent and different teenager, which has problems with all people around him. When we meet the boy, he is already in a psychic treatment, but until this point, things are under control. The real problems start when Donnie faces his most new friend: a big, white and Scary rabbit called Frank.

Frank, the rabbit, tells Donnie to keep doing destructive things, and the boy can’t say no, because the rabbit had saved him from a very curious and mysterious death some time ago. Donnie gets always far from sanity and he takes all the ones around him to this deep and dark hole.

An intelligent and original movie that plays with limits of imagination and questions what is really real in the universe. If this is not enough, the true story starts when Frank, the neurotic giant rabbit, says the world is going to end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Not for coincidence, in Halloween. In the end, you will definitely want to watch it again.

If you are ready to exercise your brain, watch it. But remember: things are never what they seem to be.



Do you know when you wake up from a dream and you feel like if you are not really awake? You open your eyes and all you see is totally unreal.
Have you ever thought about reality? What is really real? Who can guarantee that what we see is exactly like we see. What if the world is not as you believe it is.
Maybe everything we believe is just an arbitrary way to tie us up… An alarming live illusion, and when you really wake up (I mean: when you realize you are a puppet) you can’t look at it much longer because you are already dead.
What if you could see the future? What if you could know what you are going to do in ten years, and if you find a totally different person in yourself? Do you know what you are going to become? Can you make sure you are not going to be just another brick in the wall?
What would you choose: go back in past and change everything or go to the future and leave behind the disgusting present? Oh, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you can never let reality behind, it does not matter how false it is, it is still all you have.
Take a look around: each person wears a fake skin, and it is so deep inside their heart that is more real than they will never be.
Life is nothing more than a lie, but is the most well told lie in the whole universe: we are just little grains of sand in the ocean, but everything that exists is a creation from our minds. Everything and nothing at the same time: Undead people in an imaginary world.
You choose: live happily with your eyes wide closed or soar above it all and be fated to die alone. Will you take the red or the blue pill?

I had a dream last night, I’m still in it, and I took the red one.