domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010


Hello everybody! Now, I’m here to write about the third villain in my list. Just to remind you, the fact of being the third in the list has nothing to do with the final classification. Just when I finish the list I’m going to classify them. For now, it’s just a question of an arbitrary choice.

Until now, I wrote about two villains I really admire and think that are very interesting. In fact, as I have already written, I can say that I like them. But this next one is different. He is part of the five not because he is very powerful like Voldermort or full of style like Sylar, he’s here because he is sinister.

The movie where this character appears is really scaring. It was originally recorded in 1989, but even today, with all the technology available, it can still send shivers down in your spine.

He is a serial killer. In the movie, “Silence of the lambs”, a FBI agent named Clarice Starling is designated to interview the famous psychopath Hannibal Lecter, known for his cannibal acts.

At this moment, the disturbing scenes begin: Hannibal in inside a glass cell, in a top security prison, where people can just see him, but not touch or be touched. In their first meeting, Clarice realizes why he is so dangerous: he is polite, calm, intelligent, and there is one more strange fact that impress her a lot: he almost doesn’t wink. His look is fixed and cold. No doubt he is a serial killer.

Although he is so scaring, he is also the only one who can help FBI to stop a crazy guy who is killing people in memory of Hannibal: one of his followers.

To help the agent to do this job, Hannibal asks for some favors: he wants a new cell with windows and, to talk to the agent and help her to find the killer, he requires the right of asking her personal questions about her life.

This could be just an ordinary session of interviews, but with Hannibal, nothing is so simple. He is a master in psychologist torture and, step by step, he destroys Clarice’s sanity with his words. He makes her extremely scared using her memories.

The big problem with this villain is his unbelievable capacity of being cruel. Differently of the others, he isn’t a supernatural force, he is human. However, he is also the most distant thing from human we can find in the world.

A villain who is in prison, closed behind ten centimeters of unbreakable glass, but who is still the most threatening creature that can be imagined. His principal power? If he finds you, there are just two options: he is going to smash your mind with your own fears or he will literally eat your brain, another of his specialitties.

Hannibal’s best quotations:

“Now you're being rude, and I hate rude people.” (Hannibal, before killing a man)

“You see, the brain itself feels no pain if that concerns you, Clarice.”