quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011


I’m back and ready to talk about the first character who comes from the cartoons.

He is powerful, intelligent and has a great hunger for power.

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr has a sad life history. He started suffering very early in his life, once he was a Jew. He was hunted by the Nazis, and taken to the famous concentration camp named Auschwitz. There, while he was just a teenager, he met the woman who became the love of his life.

After a risky escape, they start a normal life together and have a baby. However, things go wrong when Erik’s powers start coming up. In the beginning everything is fine, but then, after some time, his powers evolve and he can’t contain them anymore, what makes people scared and mad about him.

All this culminates with his child, a little girl, dying on a fire at their house caused by the villagers who wanted to kill him. After that, Erik gets so angry that he can’t hold his powers and, in a big explosion, he incinerates all the people around the house. His wife, scared by this big demonstration of destruction, runs away from him.

Erik tries to find her, but he can’t because he is, at the same time, trying to escape from the special forces sent by the government to capture him.

All this, plus the fact that he has no life anymore, makes him change everything in his existence, even his name. He is now Magneto, and his main ideal is to make the world accept the ones who are, for some reason, different.

Magneto meets, at a certain time, Xavier, a young and powerful mutant, just as he is. They have dreams of changing the world together, but they disagree in how to do this. Magneto believes that human race has no cure, and that mutants must govern people and punish the ones who don’t accept it. Nevertheless, Xavier can’t go on this plan, because he wants peace and communion between humans and mutants.

So, They split up and the friendship is not the same anymore.

What happens is that Magneto finds many followers for his cause and so does Xavier. Magneto runs a group named Brotherhood, and Xavier opens the Institute for all the mutants who want to join him.

They both keep fighting, but, in the end, they are just bothers trying to reach the same place, just by walking through different paths.

I decided to put Magneto here, because I think he isn’t a really villain. He is the first one I think is not really evil. He has grown among so many problems, so who can jugde him? I’m not saying that the environment determinates the final product, because I don’t really think like this, but he isn’t bad. He just wants a better place to live.

I don’t know, but I think he can be forgiven from all his sins, once he has done them for a greater good. Perhaps, “The end justify the means” (Maquiavel). (Such a complicated concept!)

Is it true?

Well, It’s a philosophical question that can’t be answered here, but we can at least let a piece of light in the subject:

People see the world by their personal point of view. What if they could feel beyond their strict senses and see the reality exactly how it is? What is really right or wrong? Men have created laws, so, the question is: are men well equipped for this responsibility?

Let’s reflect on this.

Keep going Magnus! I’m just right behind you!