quinta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2010

A new breath for an old dream...

I created this blog last year for a College's assignement. My English teacher at University asked me to, and I and my classmates decided to do our best. At that time, I wanted to keep writing after the end of the activity, but I must confess that I couldn’t.

It's a shame for me to say that I let the most important thing in my life in a second plan: WRITING! This year I’ve worked a lot (I’ve never worked so much!) so I didn’t write even one text to put here! But now this is over…

I thought a little, and I saw that I must live!

First of all, there’s not this “I don’t have time” thing, I heard a statement some time ago that was perfect for this occasion: “We all have time, and we decide which our priorities are! So, time is not the real problem, but our decisions” I need to find time to do what I want to do, because no one’s going to do it for me.

Starting today, I promise I’ll write at least once a week (It’s good for someone who kept without writing for almost one year!).

A dream is made of hope, hope is made of signals, and signals are pieces of action, so let’s act and make our dreams come true, because that’s the only way!!!