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Hagrid to Harry "Some say he died. Codswallop, in my opinion. Dunno if he had enough human left in him to die."

Well, well, well, is there someone in the world who doesn’t know him? “The one who must not be named”, or “you know who”, like wizards and witches would say.

In fact, I think this is one of the greatest book series ever written. It’s true it doesn’t have many deep content, and that J.K. Rowling isn’t a Saramago or a Dostoyevsky, but, anyway, she was able to create something that captivated millions of people around the world. So, tell me: how can thousands of millions be totally wrong? Oh, I think they can’t…

I’ll tell you how my first contact with the series was: I was about 14 or 15, (don’t say it was many years ago, please!), and I was at school. On that day, there was a missing teacher, so someone (a blessed person) had the extraordinary idea of playing us a movie, and, guess what… The movie was Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone.

At that time, I didn’t know it yet and I wasn’t really interested in it. I already was a lover of reading, but Harry Potter wasn’t one of my preferences. So, I started to watch the movie with no expectations, and I was one of the only ones who had not watched it yet. In the beginning I didn’t care, but then, when Harry finally arrived at Diagonal Alley, I could feel the magic of the story…

Well, but this text isn’t about it, but about the villain of the story.

Lord Voldemort, “the one who must not be named”, is a spectacular character. One of the most interesting things about him, in my opinion, is that we can see his development through the seven books. We see how he gets stronger and stronger and has no mercy on the ones who stands against him. We can understand how he became what he is.

I think he has one very important ingredient to be a good villain: he has no fear of nothing. Let’s compare: the most powerful and great characters of the book are Professor Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort, but this last one gets to a higher level.

Dumbledore is very intelligent and an exceptional wizard, but he has limits from where he can’t go on. Voldemort, however, doesn’t. Our villain here becomes successful where Dumbledore fails: he doesn’t stops until beating the last enemy: death.

Lord Voldemort is so terrifying that his name has enough power to scare people. When he arrives, there’s no need for a word, just a freezing look is able to transmit his wills.

Besides all of this, there is still another characteristic that makes him a classic villain: he wants to dominate the world. He wants to be the real lord of everybody.

If we analyze him, we can see that Voldermort is a traditional villain. He is evil in all his existence, and behind all this wickedness there is a story of a disturbing life. Since he was a child he was already cruel. When he grows up, he doesn’t stop for nothing, he wants power.

“There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seek it”

(Lord Voldemort).

"You know who" deserves to be feared by people. He is not just scaring; he is a monster, a real one.

The Dark Lord’s Best Quotation:

Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies. You must know this, Dumbledore”.

Oh, and what about HP? In my opinion, this last line is enough for him. He has what he deserves.

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Let’s follow a short story: you were just a normal person, an ordinary guy who was used to do ordinary things. You were a watchmaker, and just like the biggest part of humanity: you weren’t more than a little part of nothing in the huge universe, invisible and predictable.

Think a little: how long could you stand an empty life without a trace of hope or faith? Could you live with yourself while you know you are fated to be nothing?

Sometimes you know you must, should and need to do something else, but you don’t do because you can’t. You are the right one, but something is wrong. You have to find what it is. Fast.

Then, one day, when you have almost lost all your hope, someone (a Scientist) comes to your door and says that you are special. You are someone who is supposed to change everything in the world, because you have powers. You have extraordinary powers.

Of course you feel the flame inside you again. You were not wrong. There is something for you, and now, you have found it.

However, after a first happy moment and many scientific tests, your savior says he was wrong. It wasn’t you. You don’t have powers, you don’t have anything special, and you are just someone else in the crowd, and now, after living the dream, you can just go back to normal life.

Oh, no, but you can’t stand your life anymore. In a second you believe, then, you realize it was just an illusion.

So, when everything seems to be lost, you find the one who has special powers. He is the right guy, but when you see this person you notice he is a strange, ugly, normal, common and ordinary man, although he has special powers. He has your special powers, the ones you were supposed to carry. He is in your place.

You can’t believe in it, because this guy doesn’t want powers, he wants his horrible and simple life back and says his powers are a curse. That’s when you realize you should be there. That’s your place. That divine gift belongs to you. You have to take it back.

Then, after a second of clarity, you understand that the real problem isn’t in you, but in them. You finally understand: people in the world are the true problem. They are broken. You are supposed to become big, but the sickness of the world doesn’t let you to.

So, you have to take back what belongs to you: your powers. And you know the only way is killing these unworthy people because they don’t deserve the honor of being special.

You kill the guy and accidentally (using a Christmas souvenir) you open his head, and see that you can understand it all. Not just the way people act, but the way everything works, including people’s minds and powers. You are even able to learn how to use these special abilities, but for this, you have to open people’s head and take a look at their brain, because, as a machine, there is a logical reason for everything.

From this moment on, your mission in the world is to fix what is wrong and take the powers from these lost citizens. That’s you: you could be a hero, but you aren’t, because you don’t believe in heroes.

The whole world is mistaken: you are not just one more, you are the one.

That’s Gabriel Gray’s story, known as SYLAR.

In the TV series HEROES, the main and most interesting character is SYLAR, a villain that is more than just bad. He really believes what he does is right, because he needs to “save” humanity from the great evil: themselves.

The TV series is about some people who find out they have special powers and start to develop them. This happens because evolution, it’s a story about natural selection and how the species change to adapt in world conditions.

The series is good because it has a very interesting philosophical background about finding a way to save the world (that’s the biggest concern), and it has a convincing and rational explanation for everything. When you watch it, you always get surprised with things that happen.

Sylar is the main villain (yeah, there are more than just one) and he is spectacular one because he starts from zero, when he understands that his special power is being able to understand everything.

In a first and negligent look, this power seems unimportant, but stop and think for a while: If you were able to understand everything, if you could know how everything works, you could change anything. You would even be able to save the world by correcting what is wrong. So, imagine the dimension of his power.

However, Sylar doesn’t use it to save nothing, but to take what he wants. The first special powers he steals is the mind power: telekinesis. Then, we see a particular show every time he uses people’s powers and get new ones. Instead of the original owners, he always knows how to use all the powers and he is never afraid of doing this.

It’s a horror show watch him hunting other people and doing extraordinary things with many different powers. He is, certainly, one of the most powerful villains it exists, but he isn’t invincible.

HEROES is a very good program, but just in its first season, from the second on, there are many mistakes and problems in the plot.

Sylar’s best quotation: “You are broken. I’ll fix you”. (he says

it before opening people’s heads).

There are more secrets about him I won’t tell; maybe if you watch it you will see.

Be careful, he makes no noise and you can’t see him, but don’t worry, he’ll help you taking this trivial thing you call life.

Give him your grade and let your comments please.


For one week, I couldn’t find time to write, and it got me very upset, because I really want to do it. Now, it’s late, I’m tired, I couldn’t have a bath yet, but I’m here, and I’ll write. I need to. (This text was written at about one o’clock, November, 23rd, 2010)

Well, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could classify my favorite villains. Some of them are easier, but others aren’t. So, I decided to do it different: I’m going to write about my five favorite ones, and while I do this, I’ll think about the classification and then, at the end of the process, I’ll make my list. (Here, I wanna ask for your help. Write your comments and help me find my best villain, because I’m really in doubt).

Remember: it’s not just a question of being bad, but of being the best inside the wickedness.

My first character comes now. Enjoy it.

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I have just finished writing about heroes, and now, I decided to write about the extreme opposite: villains.

Why start writing about villains? Oh, just because in most of cases they are much more fascinating than the good guys.

Think a little: when you watch a movie, do you sometimes catch yourself cheering for the evil side?

When you see the bad guy hitting the good ones and doing great things, using his amazing powers while the ‘nice guys’ are there, worrying about cats, dogs and flowers, don’t you fell a supreme happiness?

When the villains are women, have you ever stopped to notice that almost in all the cases they are gorgeous - much more than the princess and good girls.

More than anything, the bad size of the power is always beautiful, powerful, and it has personality. The bad guys don’t fear and aren’t afraid of desiring what they really want. They go there and do it.

Yeah. I admire some of them, and as everyone can see, most of people do too. That’s why even in those horrible demonstrations of bad taste called soap operas, people always want to dress like the villains, who are more succeed than heroes, at least in terms of audience.

Oh yeah, they have style.

Starting here, I’ll choose 5 villains I really admire and think that are the best ones.

Remember: Good villains are always interesting people. That’s the first signal for you to recognize a super villain.

Read my texts and comment them, please.


Well. This is the end. I could keep talking about heroes forever if I wanted, but I’m sure I woudn’t find the real answer I’m looking for: What’s a real hero?

This question made me write my last texts, and now, after a month, I realized that maybe I can understand better than before why heroes need to exist.

They represent our dreams and fears. They are what we would like to be and they do what we would like to do.

This allows us to live a different and more exciting life. Is it a good or a bad thing? Oh, no, it can’t be answered, it’s more than this. Sometimes, it is necessary to scape to find the truth.

I wrote about Super Man, Hulk, Batman and Superman. There are lots of super heroes who I would love to write about, but for now I think these ones are enough. In fact, this is not an end, because I believe that things never really end.

My last conclusion is that heroes will always exist while hope still exists. You can be a hero, I can be a hero: we all can be heroes in our specific way. It’s just a matter of trying hard and believing in ourselves and in the future.

The way is never give up fighting: a real hero never does.

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Today, I’ll write about the last super hero I’ve chosen: Spider-man.
I want to start saying that he is my favorite super hero. I can see in him things the others don’t have, however, it doesn’t mean I think he’s perfect. No, he certainly isn’t.
Peter Parker got his powers when he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Before it, he used to be an unpopular, ugly, and clumsy student. He was a geek, although this term didn’t even exist at that time: intelligent and with no social life. If this isn’t enough, he was crazy about his neighbor, Mary Jane Watson, a gorgeous girl, certainly not the right type for him.
Yeah, this is the old story of the boy who has nothing and then, suddenly, after an unbelievable event, becomes just spectacular. A kind of male Cinderella. But that’s when the story reaches a higher level, at least in my point of view.
Peter had everything to be another person, when his powers appear, but he realizes he can’t. He is immature, and in his only try to live a new and “easy” life, he causes his Uncle’s death – who was practically a father for him.
After this, he finds out that life isn’t a game for no one in the world. It’s never easy. Not a question of having or not super powers or the right instruments, it’s a question of being able to use wisely your gifts.
“With great powers, great responsibilities come”. This is the phrase that guides Peter and help him to make his way through difficulties.
The magic of the story is to see that he becomes spider man, but he is still the same Peter Parker, he really cares about others, and his personality doesn’t change even a little. He’s just a young boy lost in his problems, incapable of saying something to the girl he loves. And in the other side, he finds inside him the better he can offer: bravery.

This is the better thing in spider man: he doesn’t complain about his problems (and he has a lot of them), he loses almost everything that is important in his life (his uncle, his best friend, later his aunt), he renounces happiness (his love) to make a greater good, and he does all these things because he feels it’s the right thing to do. There’s no philosophy under his acts, he’s just a learner in the art of life, and like everybody, he always make mistakes, but never gives up trying.
Finding a metaphor in the story (I always do this) I would say that Peter represents the course of each one of us: the growth, a thing we all have to face soon or later. And he deals with it wonderfully.

Conclusion: 9

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Incredible Hulk is a green, strange, big, and ugly super hero. Well, in fact, I’m not sure if I can call him a “hero”. Does he save people? Oh, I don’t think so… Does he do anything good? I don’t really think so… Is he interesting? Well, no… no… no…

It took me a lot of time to decide what to write about him. And then, I realized that is because there’s nothing really important to say about Hulk.

Let’s go: he’s a scientist who had a nuclear accident and after it he evolves a big problem. When he gets angry, he becomes green and bigger, and he can’t control himself. He tuns, in other words, in an irrational monster.

Well, what can I say about it? Hulk is a try to show difficulties of humans in controlling themselves. Going deeper in the story, we can see that love may be the only thing that make us different from animals and monsters. When Hulk is angry, one of the only things that can calm him down is the view of his love: Betty Ross, a young and beautiful girl.

The story intends to show that inside everyone there’s a dangerous and scaring monster, ready to come out and take control, and that we need to fight it. Once more, we have a metaphor.

If this is or not good? Oh, I let this question for you. Maybe, when it was created it was original. However, nowadays, it’s a little irrelevant.

Conclusion: 4 – the metaphor deserves some attention, but it doesn’t worth very much.