domingo, 19 de maio de 2013


This afternoon I lost my keys and it made me realize that there are many more things i've been losing recently, but besides the fact of that being a little sad, sometimes, it has been really good in the end, cause we are supposed to loose a lot of things in order to find many others. 

But let's start from the beginning. First things first. 

This afternoon I went running, and as always I felt like I was in heaven. It's difficult for me to explain what I feel when I'm running or practicing any other physical activity, but it's like if I finally find a reason to be alive. It's good, that's all I can say. Well, I left my house and went all by myself: shoes, cellphone working as a music player and my keys. After about an hour of running, my legs started failing and I knew I had finished the session. 

After it, I headed downtown to get some cash at the ATM and I thought to myself that I needed food. Then I went to a supermarket and finally was ready to go home after buying a lot of food and orange juice. 

On the way home, however, when I was probably in the exactly middle of the way, I realized I didn't have my keys anymore... Then I thought what I always think when this kind of thing happens:

"Should I go crazy or take a deep breath and let it go?" As always, I chose the second option.

I went back downtown, sat on a bench in the main square and stayed there for a long time. Thinking about nothing in particular. I imagined how life would be if all I had were those things I had at the time: my running shoes, my cellphone with almost no battery and my bank card. As weird as it may sound, I felt really fine. I knew there were many problems I would have to face and that breaking and then fixing all the locks would be a pain in the a**, but I didn't really care. 

And the thing here is, it's not like I had never been to that place or never sat on that bench, no, I go there almost every day. The difference is that this time I was free. I had no books, no bags, no documents and no worries with me. I was there and there was no other thing to do at the time but to be there.

Then I thought about my life and things I carry everyday like if they were sacred. We all carry to much weight. We do things, say things, act in ways and end becoming things we never meant to do, be, become or say. Why is that?

I think we are too linked to things we think that are important, but sometimes this "importance" only exists because we lie to ourselves saying that it does. 

I know it's hard to get alway from things we are used to do, think or say, but sometimes it is necessary.

It's easier to hold a certain idea and never let it go, cause the fear of having to start it all again is much bigger than us. But in this process, we end up becoming like stone, we never move and change significantly. 

I know it hurts, I know it's not easy and above it all I know that it is not guaranteed that a certain path is better than any other one, but I'd rather take it and have to return than keep wondering what would have happened if... (in the future I'll write a text about the word if).

And then, after this long trip through the nonsense of my feelings, I realized I knew where my keys had been this whole time. 

I headed straight to the bank and I knew they would be there. And there they were. My keys, over one of the ATMs.

My friend, if you just stop, realize that nothing is forever and that a few things are meant to be lost, you will find ll the things you need coming to you naturally, cause your heart is really the only way to follow.

If you have to stop in the middle of the way and start it all over again, sit, think and reflect about your next step, do it. because no one other than yourself is able to solve this challenge called life. Never be afraid to loose anything.

And then I finish this sunday full of metaphors and analogies.  


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